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Flavor Masks

Bitter. Metallic. Earthy. Astringent. Functional ingredients can bring unwanted off-notes that stop consumers cold. ClearMask flavor modifiers can lessen or eliminate a wide range of off-flavors with proprietary receptor blocking technologies. Our robust formula library has an answer for every problem we've ever encountered. 


ClearMask formulas are TTB approved and have quality attributes that support the expectations of health-minded consumers:

  • Labeled as Natural Flavors

  • Organic compliant

  • Non-GMO

  • Allergen-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegan compliant

  • Keto/Paleo friendly

  • Clean label

  • OU kosher

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Compliance and quality attributes

Get the Flavor Modification overview

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500 Series
Flavor Modifiers


All Off-notes

201  Universal  disrupts lingering off-notes; provides late onset sweetness


Bitter Botanicals Off-notes

501  Botanicals  mutes milder bitter notes

502  High Intensity Sweeteners  curbs lingering bitterness; delivers more complete sweetness

512  Energy Drinks  blocks strong bitterness imparted by botanicals


Bitter Stimulants Off-notes

507  Caffeine  permits higher caffeine use

510  Dynamine  designed to offset dynamine bitterness

514  Teacrine  covers teacrine's extreme bitterness

515  Extreme Bitterness  dampens strong, lingering bitter notes


Earthy Off-notes

504  Vegetable Proteins  curbs earthy notes; adds sense of creamy texture

506  Collagen  blocks strong, lingering bitterness

511  Aloe, BHB Salts  neutralizes earthy notes

519  Mustiness  dampens musty notes in fruits, mushrooms, and fish


Astringent Off-notes

517  Tannins  counteracts drying sensation associated with tannins

518  Vinegar  neutralizes the sour quality of acetic acid in vinegar


Salty Off-notes

516  Saltiness  neutralizes salty notes


Metallic Off-notes

503  Minerals  covers metallic notes

505  Vitamins  masks a variety of metallic and herbal notes

509  Metallic Botanicals  smooths metallic notes

For particularly stubborn off-flavors in food or beverage applications, formulas can be combined for better flavor masking results. 

ClearMask flavor modification spectrum

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Better Tasting Vegan Protein Drink

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800 Series
CBD/THC Flavor Masks

Enormous opportunity, if the flavor’s right

The CBD/THC opportunity is enormous for food, beverage, and nutritional brands. The problem? Its natural flavor is challenging, and there’s no one-size-fits-all fix. That’s why ClearMask gives CBD/THC product developers a range of dedicated solutions to 

  • maximize R&D flexibility and 

  • achieve the flavor your consumers want.

CBD/THC’s earthiness has three main components that the ClearMask range can neutralize, reduce, or rebalance to optimize product flavor. Series 800 formulas address combinations of these three components:

  1. Upfront bitter notes

  2. Lingering acrid bitterness

  3. The after "burn" (reminiscent of alcohol)

801  complete CBD solution

802  complete THC solution

803  enhances sweetness and amplifies other 800 masks when combined

804  best for beverages and other liquid applications

805  combines with other 800 masks to amplify effects; often used with 803

806  best in applications with a high level of sweetening, such as gummies

807  works in tandem with 806 in sweet applications

808  best for applications with delicate flavors

CBD/THC masking in action 

  • ClearMask does not impact CBD efficacy

  • ClearMask does not change CBD’s scent (generally thought to be pleasant)

  • Powder is water soluble

  • Can be declared as Natural Flavors

CBD gummies
Neutralizing 3 components
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R&D Samples

ClearMask offers samples to R&D professionals to support development in the lab. Tell us about your flavor masking or sweetening problem, and we’ll send you samples of the best products to solve it. 

Request samples


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